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Hi. I have a poorly engine. since I got this beauty I have had turn over issues. It takes a few more seconds to turn the engine over and once going is fine. Going up hills is like I am driving a T2 and speed greatly reduced.
I took it for a serious service one year and they said that the four cylinders have around 15-18 bar of pressure instead of about 23. They said I would need a new engine.
I have been chugging along without much issue until now when it has been particularly cold and more difficult to turn over, 10-15 seconds.

My question is, I would like to change the engine and I have since been to a third garage who have suggested VEGE through Just Kampers.
Or rebuild top end but the bottom end may go eventually, no guarantee. But it might be fine.
I think a new engine, for the longevity of our beautiful 'Pearl'

Any thoughts on who or where I should go for an engine? Are the VEGE engine ok?
I like in South West London area, willing to travel to the right people/company and of course the right price.
Appreciate your help
The engine is AXC 070086
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