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Post: roof bars / rack
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Posted by: vanarack
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have a look at vanarack at http://www.vanarack.com/store/vw-transporter-t5-van-roof-racks-roof-bars/ the racks are generally work van based but are high quality stainless roof racks and bars

if you call and quote the forum you will get a discount.

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Hi mate...it's been brought to our attention that 3 of your 4 posts have been sales related for your business which essentially makes you a trader within our rules.

Unfortunately, the right to use the forum as a trading platform comes at a cost...we have other paying traders who would undoubtedly be disgruntled knowing we were doing nothing to prevent non-paying traders taking advantage of the forum in this way.

If you would like to purchase a traders subscription you will be able to do so by paypal by accessing your control panel and clicking on Paid Subscriptions. These can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis.

Thank You
Simon :) :ILU:
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