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Meatball has reported a post.

This should be good!!!!
Post: Let's put a few things straight, shall we......
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Posted by: tonna1
Original Content:
Only me youll soon guess who it is

Camperbed scanadal wasnt involved dont care bored of it no longer discussed by KK forum dont think it ever really was as far as i can tell its a very personal thing between a few.

The reason kerbside was set up simples

Jimbo moderated every comment he didnt like by closing the thread this peed me and several others off and we where told to go play elsewhere - which we did and aired our views on many things IN PRIVATE.

Some one on here (t4 forum) i think the finger was pointed at Rod (rightly or wrongly) as joining and then giving Jimbo his details - jimbo came snopping saw comment he didnt like - i said something like he was ugly and made a joke about having sex with his wife - Jimbo flipped banned a load of people and this upset more who then left.

What i do recall while i was on here is how annoying SoKal was how argumentative he was and how he wasnt dealt with at the time the whole bed thing kicked of or after?

SoKal i think your a fool to your self you get involved in things you dont need to under the guise you want to help people and wont let anything go - your a fiat owner on a vw forum why? dont bother telling me i dont care i just find it strange move on nothing to see!

So anyway i went and played on my own more than happy, not seen jimbo since dont think either of us are in a rush to speak to each other water under the bridge: just thought id say it how it is by not skirting around the issue of genaerlising about 70% somebodys from somewhere.

What i said in private not public like mates in a pub, didnt want it to cause jimbo or his family offence and that should have been that - but human nature got the better of him he looked didnt like it understandbly and reacted by his own admission badly.

If it wasnt Rod who gave Jimbo his number i appoligise - but it was somone from here - i actuay have had alot of time for Rod and his wife never had bad words - i dont have an issue with anyone the only person on here that got under my skin was jimbo and his thread cutting we discussed this i thought it was dead and i had not been on his forum for some time when i found out i was banned?

However the one person who pocked his nose into things he need not (not the term need not) and did get up my nose was Sokal and still does. Frankly if i had not already left the forum id leave because of sokal simples.

Glad things are cool on here good luck and al that - otherwise not a place i'll be comming back to, seem the waterfront has helped.

Sorry one final thing Kerbside is a group of mates the reason its a closed forum is so we can control whos on there after the whole jimbo thing. Where all vw nuts and most have been long term me including since 1987 however i do own a nissan as well as 2 vws but never felt the need to go on to a nissan forum and tell them how good or bad they or there cars or vans are.

So to re cap i dont like sokal - what i said i said what jimbo did he did - i dont think either of us lose sleep over it. Sad thing is lots of good mates dont talk anymore and people like sokal keep having a dig at kerbside without knowing hardly any of us or what happens on our forum.

Where private cause we like it that way you dont get asked if you dont come and drink with us not to be elitist as some would like to think.

all the best Tiki xx00xx

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Re: Reported Post by Meatball

lot of truth in thet post IMO, and as expected So-kal has bitten in straight away!

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Re: Reported Post by Meatball

I really shouldn't laugh but i've got tears in my eye's :D

I'm afraid my main language is English, with a tiny smattering of French and being able to count to ten in German - but, to coin the phrase from the advert, 'Sooooreeeeeee - I doooon't speeeeeeeeeeek pineapleeeee'

WTF is the advert he's on about :*
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