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Posted by: billsyt4
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I thought I'd share this with you guys as some of you may be interested in what my mate could do for you if you're thinking of making your bus a little bit more original.

He's done quite a few things for a couple of the vans that I've customised myself.

At the moment he is just seeing if there is a market for the stuff he can make, which after you've checked the link I think you'll all agree there is, for us lot at least T:

If there is enough interest in what he can offer then he will get the company up and running properly so he can begin to take orders. :ILU:

Here is the link anyway, please post any thoughts that you have after taking a look guys.


I've included a second link for you all to have a look at also because you can see some of the things that he's done on one of my buses.

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