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Ladies and Gents it seems that people are relying on others to do their research for them when it comes to shelling out their own money for products and services.

Most notable seems to be disgruntlement with conversions.

Now, forgive me if it seems I'm preaching (I am)

If I were spending thousands on anything, let alone something I'm going to drive my children and friends around in and spend holidays and high days enjoying, I'd do exhaustive research into who I gave my money and my pride and joy to.

Now you may think that reading a few pages on the internet constitutes research and you may be of the opinion that any trader registered with this forum is endorsed/recommended/condoned by the members/mods/admin.

Sadly this is not, I repeat NOT the case. We often know no more than you. We provide a market place for people to utilise. If these people abuse this market place and we are made aware then we will take steps to remove the privileges these traders have bought. We will even offer sympathy and certain routes of recourse and mediation to the abused.

We are not the police, we are not the courts, we are not trading standards, we aren't even watchdog or the good consumer guide. We are a bunch of van loving geeks much the same as you are. We try in our limited capacity to help and provide a decent place to buy and sell, but and this is a big but. Your transactions are private and unless you tell us about any discrepancies or problems we don't have a crystal ball to see them for ourselves.

The best way to do this is via the contact us form at the bottom of your screen.

There is a feedback system that is tagged onto every members profile. Not just traders.

It is a good tool if used properly but it will never replace proper diligent research.

Visit converters. Ask to see examples of their work. Go to meets and shows and view the work in the flesh. Pictures can be doctored. What your eyes see in the flesh is what you want to base your opinion on.

Ask established members for their opinions and recommendations.

Pm a mod, ask us if we know anything. We've all been here a fair amount of time . Between us we have a decent amount of experience and knowledge of "the scene" we should be able to help.

Don't, please don't. Throw money at anyone without doing proper research. If you do this and come unstuck you've only got yourself to blame.

Many thanks


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Well put 'Meatball' and in the light of a few recent threads on the forum this obviously needed saying...whether you have more than enough money or are scraping along on a lot less nobody likes to see bad work for their dosh and it stands to reason there is no better way to find out who will do you a decent job on your pride and joy than research.

For myself....I like to trust my Van to one man, me....but for those who are unable to carry out their own work, do please look further than a companys' own recommendation about their work.
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