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Toying with the idea of a respray on my T5. It's currently VW Bright Orange but I've had windows put in the sides (front and rear). I put a Caravelle front end on a few years ago and have had a warranty paint job done on the handle area of the sliding door. This newer paint has become a more noticeably different shade over time.

It also has a couple of minor battle scars from car parks etc.

I'm looking at a 5.1 facelift conversion so these will need to be colour coded too.

I'd like a 2 tone paint job with orange on the bottom and black on the roof and sides. Would I need to have the windows removed before painting? And the rear spoiler? The windows are film tinted so I assume this will need to be redone before being refitted? Also, will the orange need a full respray or just a 'blow over'?

Sorry for all the questions, I:
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