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Hello all; I just wanted to say hello - I can't seem to log in with my old details, as I haven't logged on for a couple of years since I sold my last T5! My last van was my pride and joy and I spent a fortune on it...

I am happy to say that I have just bought a new (actually pretty old, but pretending to be much newer via a facelift conversion!) T5 camper, which I am super excited about - it needs a dew odds and ends which I may ask for some help and advice with, although I have made a start on a few niggly minor bits that were gettign on my nerves...for example the van has been fitted with auto lights, but the previous owner had broken the mounting behind the dash so it was blowing in teh breeze and not really attacted. That sort of thing.

It's an extremely clean 2004 T5 174 LWB in black which has been Sportline 5.1'd at the front and had a cmaper conversion done on it, including a pop top, Fiamma awning, solar conversion, lowered a little, with sportline wheels, etc, etc. The prvious owner was a lovely, passionate guy, but there are a few things thay he has done a bit sloppily, so I have some tidying to do...

However, I do have some plans for her to make it more of "my" van - I think it needs some purple highlights to make it look a bit more fun...it has already had some purple added inside, so I am going to extend the theme:

- pick out the fog light surrounds and the front bumper mid line strip
- colour code the wing mirrors maybe?
- repaint the pop roof
- fit some side bars and colour code
- some subtle purple graphics
- maybe some flocking internally

I also want to add some skirt/ trims to the rear bumber (had this on my last T5, blended into teh original bumper and it looked awesome). Inside I plan to get the cab area carpeted (currently the original van floor), and it could do with some new interior plastics to give it a new lease of life...it doesn't look too bad, but I like things to be shiny!

The camper conversion has lots of space, but there are some bits to be done - the RnR bed doesn't have belts, the roof bed has been removed as the previous guy just wanted extra headroom...and I think the wiring (epecially the audio system) could benefit from a tidy....and maybe a new head unit as I can''t get this damned AppRadio Pioneer thing to work properly...

I'll try to post some pics and see what people think :)

Hope to get talking with you guys soon - everyone was very helpful last time around!
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