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Hey guys,

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to electrical things in the T5.

I have fitted a reverse camera on the weekend and wired it all up so that it works really nicely. I have connected the power for the camera to the rear reverse light wire (green with black stripe) at the top rear left of the roof and taking the negative to the negative wire (brown in colour) in the same loom. For some reason it has brought up the ASR and ABS warning lights on the dashboard.

I have just re-wired the negative to the interior light (as advised by another similar post on this issue) in the same top rear left position and this has resolved the ASR warning light. However the ABS warning light remains on.

Firstly why would this simple (to me) wiring cause the warning lights to come on in the first place and secondly, having resolved the ASR warning light problem, why does the ABS warning light remain on? How would I go about correcting this?

Thanks for any help and advice you may be able to offer.

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