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I've decided to sell my two oscilloscopes, and invest in a slightly better 4 channel one. The first one I am selling is a Rigol DS1022CD Mixed signal digital storage oscilloscope. It has the normal 2 analogue channel inputs, as well as a trigger input. In addition, it has a plug in 16 channel logic analyser head with it. It has a 25MHz bandwidth, and quite a large memory depth for capturing long, or complex, samples.

The screen is full colour LCD, and it has a really nice user interface ("soft" keys and a scroll wheel)

It also has a USB master port onboard (so you can plug a memory stick in to save waveforms and csv files to) as well as a USB slave (for control via a PC). It has a list of features longer than my arm, so for the full spec, see here: http://www.rigolna.com/products_osc_DS1000_spec.aspx

I have had the scope for about 18 months, and it has seen very light use indeed. I normally only use it when I need to use the logic analyser function. I paid £440 for it new, and it came with two probes, a 16 channel logic analyser module (complete with 16 circuit pickup clamps)and the instructions. I'm selling it for £300 including Special Delivery in the UK (Or nearest offer)

I'm based in North Wales if you would like to collect it in person.

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