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Hi, I'm new to the site so hopefully I'm fullowing the rules but apologies if I've got it wrong...

I'm looking for some help and hope somebody can help me. I bought a T5 (2011) a few months back which had the above mentioned alloys and tyre spec. I'd like to lower it (as it's pretty high with these things on!).

I've been advised by a firm that I can't lower it 40mm without it catching on full lock. They did however say other 20" alloys are fine and its dependant on the offset of the hub from the rim of the wheel (may have the terminology wrong there?).

So my dilemma is...

Do I sell the RVR's and loose cash only to buy more 20" alloys and have the reassurance that it won't catch the arches? (getting expensive I think!)


Is there another solution? Has anyone else got these wheels on a lowered T5 without problems?

Thanks in advance!
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