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Hi all!!! #waves!!
Let me introduce myself. My name is ryan, and im in south wales. until now ive been a quiet member, reading your comments, and gaining some very valuable knowledge.
Ive just purchased my very first van as a conversion project, which im very excited about. Shes a swb t5.1 in reflex silver, and am now looking to have an elevating roof put on.
Our first thoughts were to have a roof fitted for £2000 with a local company, but after researching and seeing that prices range from £3500 for well known brands, our concern is the overall quality and longevity of the product.

At the minute, the front runners for us are HILO, and a SUPER FLAT REIMO. ... im aware that reimo are a very well established company and are giants in their field, and that hilo have only been around for a few years....But I am very impressed with the profile of the van with a hilo roof fitted, and do prefer this over the reimo..
Can anyone give me any advice on this subject... have you had hilo roof fitted? Have you had any problems with it, or are you really happy.? We have found a company willing to fit a reimo roof, and are willing to give a bit of a discount, which is obviously a massive pro for us especially as their reputation is so great. HILO are miles and miles from us and are completely unbending on price... and we are trying to assitane as to wether the extra travel time/ deisel, accommodation price ect ect will be worth it.

Any advice/photos ect would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for reading!
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