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Hey guys,

So I have a SWB '99 1.9 TD T4 and finding roof bars for it is driving me mad. I dont want to drill the top of the van, so they will have to be clamp on. I've looked through a lot of threads here, but unfortunately alot of the links are no longer available.

However, saying that - halford's website said Cruz roof racks should be fine, but I cannot for the life of me see how they just clamp into the gutter. I thought they would have to als clamp onto the side as well? What am I missing here??!!

Here they are here: Cruz Commercial Roof Bars 35 X 35 923-201 | Halfords UK

There are also Summit ones, which look like they have the clamp on the side as well...

What do I go for here? Or am I being an idiot. I'm pretty useful with most things, but these things seems like they're beyond me.
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