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hi folks!

is there any way of fitting a T5 type roof track (with the slot that roof bars slide along and lock on to) to a T4?

dousn't need to run the full length of the roof even 4 short sections would do it!

does anyone know of someone who sells this sort of track? - sometimes referred to as T track. loads of roof bars out there in cyberland but the track is harder to find! :(

why? :confused: just bought a 14 ft Old Town open canoe for holidays, days out on the lakes, rivers and canals etc (joined the British Canoe Union for the canoe licence) and have got the loan of my dads t5 roof rack but it wont fit a t4! :(

Rather than buy a complete roof bar system for my t4, if i can fit 4 short lengths of track, i can swap the t5 rack between motors as needed.

any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received T:
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