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Are you interested in buying the extrusion (dependant on cost)?

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Want a roof rack rail system for a T4? I do and Im hoping that others are interested too

There doesn't seem to be an existing roof rack rail systems that fits a T4 without a pop top. If someone has found one brilliant, let me know.

Why choose a roof rail and not a stainless steel roof bar or Thule clamp on or a cross bar directly bolt through or anything similar?

Stainless Steel roof bars and similar bars, I have been told are not considered load bearing and just aesthetic. This is from the companies who are selling them. I know many people are using them but if you are carrying gear on the roof like a canoe I want a bit more assurance.

I don't trust a clamp on roof rack. Lets just say from past experience.

The roof bars that bolt straight through are a pain if you want to remove them.

A rail system for roof rack means you can quickly take roof bars off, adjust there position depending on load and are a good low profile aesthetic solution.

The SCA rail system (used on pop tops) which is 30mm x 20mm will fit in the T4 gutter but cambers to the exterior of vehicle. Meaning that the cross bars won't fit into the rail.

My solution:

A stiff neoprene extruded wedge shape to counteract the camber. The extrusion would sit between the bodywork and roof rail. The rail can still be bolted through and sikaflexed used for both the rail and the extrusion

The only issue is the tooling and first run costs. Its not huge but it's enough to make it excessive for one person. The cost would obviously depend on numbers.

Thats where the pol comes in. If you are interested in buying the extrusion or think I'm mad then please take part in the pole


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