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Hey there all,

What a forum! Need to thank you all for what I've learnt so far.
Bought my first van a couple of months ago and already it promises a whole heap of adventures for me and my boys. Only thing is... there's a whole bunch of stuff to be done and I'm right on the bottom of a steeeep learning curve.

So lemme introduce my van:
- Philmore gave good service with the AA before a brief stint with a brother who saw a little flash of his potential, stripped him out and pimped up his wheels a bit. He was then commandeered by a political party (I KNOW!!!!), so when he needed a new home what's a girl to do?

What I really want to do now is do this baby justice; there's a lot of fun to be had & summer is just round the corner eh?
I've been through the "what I'd do differently" thread; fantastic. Can't put a price on that wisdom. And it's pretty clear the consensus is to define in advance what you really want from the van. So I'm gonna make the best plan that I can. Here's what's on my list so far:

- Pop the roof;
(am loving the look of the Austop and have found that thread really helpful. Going to see the guys at Dub Worx soon as.)
- Strip out the van; treat & paint as requires
(Got what looks like a super solid AA floor down at the mo)
- Wiring, electrics etc
(Some interesting wiring apparent above the doors at the back & still got the AA hand held elecs control panel up front for the roof top light, jump starter & saloon lights)
- ?Heating; still undecided
- ?Plumbing; still undecided but would be nice to be able to was a few cups!
- ?Leisure batt; still undecided
- Insulate & ply line
(Got some panels already covered with a tough plastic & fluffy insulation behind; leave it or strip it? not sure!)
- Carpet for walls
- Floor (GOTTA be wipe clean lino; 3 boys in my life!)
- Bed & upholstery; I'm thinking full width RnR with storage beneath
- ?Unit; sink, hob, fridge; still undecided
- Front seat: in the market for a double which folds to a bench; really want my 2 urchins both up front on our trips.

Am under no illusions; this is sure to burn up my time and £. But have no doubt it'll be more than worth it. Me & my eldest (3 yrs old) camped all last year & had a ball so Philmore's gonna rock our world.

I'm short on skills (but a dogged & determined learner) so am hoping to rope in my very handy Dad (he doesn't know yet!) as I'd love to do at least some of the work myself (reckon that's the best way to get to know the van right?). Will definitely be going to the pro's for the tricky bits.

Will keep you posted on my progress and would really appreciate any advice you'd care to offer.

Thanks for having me into the fold.
Cheers dears,

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Hi Wonderwoman, an welcome along to the forum.
Your at the right place here for help, inspiration an everything van related, enjoy the van and enjoy the forum.

Steve W....

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Hi Wonderwoamn, thats a hellish list youve got. all you can do is prioritise the work according to wants and money and chip away at it. get to your local meeting and meet up with the yocals and you'll be surprised who many will gladly give advice and some even help. this forum is a wealth of knowledge, some even accurate. I:

But seriously good luck . :)
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