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Awerite Muckers.. Happy new year.. a dont know if anyone else has started a thread like this as in cool places tae go in Scotland fur a weekends campin...I know we all have our wee favourite places.. an the more we tell about it the more it wont be a wee place anymore. But.. hey we dont own them do wi...

in another thread I posted about a Scottish haggis Gatherin. an where ??? but ave saw many differnt people meeting here an there on ma scourin aboot the countryside o this o fair country o Scotland

Fur a nice meeting point wi plenty o space is a place on the left before the big wall of the Damn around 6 miles or so south of Kyle o Lochalsh a think Inversheil is the place name, as ave camped there maself its just a big bit o waste ground,, that wid be a good place fur a meet.. BUT, depending on what time o the year we have the famous MIDGIE tae deal wi...as am not a lover o they wee beasties as they LOVE me.... maybe it needs to be a east coast meet...

anyway back to the nice places tae camp

Ive been here a few times, its very near Durinish, on the road tae plocton..a wee secluded beach litterly 100 yds o dirt track of the main passin place road... a wis tryin tae download there the google earth co ordinations but couldnae work it out.. but if ye go tae google earth an click Durinish rail station cross over the railway.. go a half mile.. ye`l see a wee road offtae yer right.. 100 yds an yer there... when a work out how tae load pics al send yes some.. it doesnt look all that good fae the google earth satelite,, but I assure ye when yer there its something else...
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