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Hi all,

Recent MOT highlighted some rust to my suprise near the rear shock mounts/bolt fixing points.

This has been hidden by the factory underseal/stone chip paint, once they have poked about it appeared.

I'm lucky that this is the only rust I have on the entire van.

So go investigating, there are two pieces of metal held together for extra strength with what looks like a spot weld at the front, the cover piece then bends away a bit and then goes flush again when it goes further back towards the shock mounting bolt.

It appears that these two pieces have a gap between which has not been completely covered/sealed from new so therefore water has got in.

I've had the van (Autosleeper camper) for 6 years or so and she's only due to roll on to 50k this year. Never driven in the salt in my ownership and only for summer holidays.

Just seems like a trap and lucky to find it now rather than eat in to the main chassis.

So I've knocked out the loose metal which doesn't look like it go into the main metal behind much, if at all.

Obviously going to treat the rust then wondering if I should try to fill or just seal up with underseal type stone chip paint for protection, neatly of course?

Tempted to weld in a piece of metal but is that really required?

What's an MOT tester going to think with a hole left if it's covered, sealed, protected and not flaking?

Will look at linking some photos but not obviously clear how I can.

Advice appriciated. Thanks

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Hi mate,
What van do you have?
Might not get much response in this section you see.
Let me know and I’ll move it for you.

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