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Good morning All,

I have had these seats fitted in my van for some time now, and im thinking lets wire these baby's up!

I have had a look at some past treads and will be wanting to go down the retro vw route as I dont want a big fire... ALSO wanting to control the temp of the seats not just on or off.

They have the saab factory conectors on them and the seat belt receiver wires which i will just cut out.

Does any one here know which colours do what? as I would like to get hold of a pair of switches which will fit into a late t4 dash blue dash lights. Then the vw loom and realay's and some how joint onto these saab elements:*

My is cold on these nasty morinings, any help would be great

Im sure some of you guys must of done this mission

Thanks in advance:ILU:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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