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Hi, can anybody help with spring advice?

I've just joined this forum, so new member! I have some T4 VR6's auto's, Yes i love em. I have a new addition, that i want to use as my work van. Its a cheepy, done 152k, few bumps, but suits my needs as my last van got broken into 3 times whilst on jobs! and runs like a dream.

Anyway, i've kitted it out with a full legth rack on the drivers side, opposite the sliding door, with fitting kit etc, so all the weights (including me 14 stone and counting) is on one side. It also have a galv full length roof rack.

My problem is A) the back end is well down and B) i drive along on a tilt, which is starting to effect my back. Its only a slight tilt, but i find myself subconciouly compensating for it.

Its running 17inch audi alloys, 225 55 17 tyres and I dont want to lower the van, its low enough already. Can anyone help with what springs i need, transporter ones? Are there different types LWB or SWB, or are they all heavy duty? Do i need some type of spacer, like the AA vans? It sways around a bit whilst driving, do you think new shocks would help that?

Does anybody have anything suitable?

Thanks, oh and if any body out there has any auto box problems, i've got quite a bit of experiece with these and how and who to fix them cheaply as i've owned a few. First van was quoted £4800 by VW main agent, for replacing the whole lot, £3000 by so called gearbox specialist, after months of trawling round the net for info, i got it fixed for £130 ish, and have done 40k on that gearbox since.
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