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EBAY AUCTION NO; 181238496746

SCAM: VW Volkswagen t4 Campervan Pop-Top LPG 4 berth 2000
Hi Folks,
Whilst still looking for a VW T4, I almost fell into a Scam, I am only posting so people are made aware, as other potential buyers have lost thousands of pounds, I would like for us to spread the word:

I have asked Ebay to investigate, but it could be a while:

The original advert I saw was as follows:

Being a bit naive and not knowing their worth, I decided to put in a bid/offer, not knowing that these are worth well over £10k

I was contacted via my mobile and then my private email, which is not even registered on Ebay, asking me if I was still interested to continue the payment via 'Ebay' using buyer protection.
I asked for more details, I was sent the mileage and registration of the vehicle.
I searched the registration on the internet,'T444LPG' only to find that another seller was selling it a while ago and for £16k, with a higher mileage? which raised my initial suspicion.
I was sent official looking emails from Ebay, saying that I was protected by buyer protection, and should continue with the payment, the seller wanted me to deposit the payment of £4550 to his Barclays account, as he had work commitments in Scotland, once the payment was through, he would deliver at no extra cost.
Looking carefully at the emails, I realised they were not from Ebay, even though they looked very official with all the logos etc, they were from [email protected].

I searched this domain name, to find it belongs to:

Domain name:

Russell Bailey

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
Deanbarn Cottage
43 Chilgrove
PO18 9HR
United Kingdom

I then searched the chap's email into google to see if there was any more information on him and Lo and behold!, there was a whole forum and sadly people have been scammed thousands, and sadly the bank does not do anything about it.

He targets VW and camper buyers

he uses the email: [email protected]


Please beware, pass to other buyers.

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These scams are common & often involve some lame excuse about the van being on a military base somewhere remote.

I'm no legal expert, but I would have thought there was enough evidence here for the police to get involved, especially as he's been careless enough to register the domain in his own name. If I were you would PM one of the moderators "Go-Ferret" with the details. He's a copper, hopefully, he'll know who to pass the details onto.

All the best, Al.
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