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After getting both passenger and drivers captain seats back from the upholsterers (along time ago), and finally being able to fit them in my van just recently, I've found that the actual distance that both seats travel when being adjusted is now quite minimal unlike before?
I've given all the runners a clean, light oil and spray of lubricant, so I know there's nothing like a small stone stopping them as both seats have identical travel but run smoothly.
They don't slide forward far enough? They both only have an adjustment distance from front to back of about 5 or so inches before they hit the limit either way? Clearly they've been re-assembled incorrectly.

They'e out of an early 91 T4, so the slide adjustment lever is down at the inner side of each seat opposed to directly underneath at the front.

I've not had chance to strip them down yet and investigate fully, but will probably be doing this next weekend. Before I do, does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing the limited travel and what I should be looking out for? What could the upholsterers have done incorrectly?

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated, cheers! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts