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Chaps and chapesses,

My partner and I have recently managed to upgrade to a T5 and am selling my T4, trouble is, I have no idea what she could be worth. She was bought just over a year ago and we were going to do the t4 up to sell on, but with a new baby on the scene this hasn't panned out. Just need a ballpark figure to advertise her

Her specs are:
VW T4 2.5 (1200 TDi LWB)
Registered 2000
9 Months mot
4 months tax
120k milage
colour white
sidebars fitted
lowered suspension with fatboy tyres and air compression system for raising and lowering the rear wheel height (ideal if you are taking heavier loads)
Fitted rear windows and rear cab windows
42 front seats + 2 rear seats

Now for the bad bits...
Little but of rust on the arches
Needs carpet relining
Needs rust sorting

Apart from that she runs like a dream
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