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Im going to be doing an overhaul on my suspension soon, bushes, spring, shock absorbers etc.
But im having an issue with what shocks to get.
First things first,
I have a T4 2.5 tdi swb with a converted back.
I will be lifting the suspension slightly not massive but just a little to give it a taller stance.
I have been in touch with Vw heritage and all the could recommend was the Bilstein B6, yes they are good but i dont have the money to spend on them.
Ive narrowed it down to either:
Meyle HD shocks
Sachs HD shocks
still to decide.

from the pictures of said shocks the HD ones look alot shorter and fatter and on the sites like VW heritage and just kampers, the specify that the HD ones are for lowered suspension.

Can someone please confirm that the HD shocks despite looking shorter, will work and will fit a T4 which has been raised??

Ive done so much research and googling and cant seem to get full clarification on this.
any input much appreciated

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Sachs HD and an extension on one end?
Depends how much higher you want it to how long the extension.
Only problem is, you'll still end up with the same movement up/down as before you fit the extension.

Check on the Sachs website to see what is max/min extension....

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Gowesty.com here in the states has a few options. I have the fox shocks with front reservoirs and have been happy with them so far.
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