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Short Nose Black & White Chequered Bra

This has been on my van since I've had it (2 years+) and a good year before that to my knowledge. Its pretty well worn, and the white squares are stained, there's a small hole where it's held on the "sharpest" top part of the bonnet is, and I tore it a little on the underside on one of the front corners whilst removing.

This item is by no means perfect! The back is a bit mouldy, I beleive this to be one of the better models costing in the region of £60 new, yours for £20 + P&P (£25 posted).

This is sutiable to brighten up a tatty van, not suitable for a show winner, as with all my sales on the internet I try to be as honest as possible, pictures of actual Bra

On the van, before removal, looks OK from a distance:

One the grass after removal, looks good from above:


Stains (where parked under a fruit tree, there are quite a few pink stains, this is one of the worst):

Hole in upper corner:

Hole on front underside:

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