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After lurking for a few months, it's time to say hello.

I only realised that I haven't already posted when I responded to another thread - I think I'm about to become much more active on the forum.

I'm currently driving a 1995 Polo, which I purchased in 1995 brand new...

I've looked after it myself all those years, and its never let me down. It has transported us to and from the alps for ski seasons twice, survived -25degrees C in the mountains and still started first time, and been to and from IKEA with things that really shouldn't have fit in it more times than can remember.

After 20 years of trouble-free motoring, it's time for me to say goodbye to the car and take the plunge with a van.

I probably should have done this sooner. I remember carrying half a tonne of tiles for the kitchen floor, 15m2 of turf for the back garden, and even on the way to france last december, it was full to bursting with bikes and snowboards on the roof!

Anyway, after test driving a 180 DSG yesterday, i've decided the DSG isn't for me and I've found an early 5.1 manual 180 Kombi that I am going to view tomorrow...

I've got my checklist of things to look for - it's still on the original EGR so need to factor that in. It's got 80k on the clock, so I'm not expecting a minter, however it should be a good base for my plans.

I ride motorbikes and want to be able to carry 4 people plus a bike, and also be able to sleep in the back. I have a few ideas how this could work, so once I get the van the fun can commence!

So that's all for now - look out for a build thread coming soon!

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