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Hi everyone

I've just joined up and thought I'd throw this into general for a wider response.

My brother and I have been running a property maintenance company for a few months now and it's about time we got a van. We were looking at all the Vaxhall Vivaro, Renalut Trafic variants but everywhere we went people advised us to get a transporter.

I've owned VW's before and know how well they're built but I just want to know what to look out for on transporters.

Specifically I'm going to look at this van at the weekend and want peoples opinions on what to look out for on this model. Ignore the price, it is now being sold for £4995+VAT.


Incase you can't click the link, it's a Volkswagen Transporter 1.9TDI PD 85PS Van, Diesel.

Does it look dodgy? Should I look at it and if so what should I look out for? Is the price right?

I know how great these forums can be so any help is greatly appreciated!T:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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