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I have a real dilema!!!!

My 1997 VR6 'Velle has just blown a piston and requires a replacement head and block. The cheapest i can find once fitted is going to cost me around £2000. I do like the vehicle very much and would like to keep her, but obviously I dont want to spend more than its worth, as i have just had to spend around £800 on a new down pipe and other bits and pieces.

She's a 1997 VR6 Caravelle, in burgandy, with full leather burgandy interior, 8 seats, two swivel captain seats at front and as new also had the VW climate control fitted. Its also had an LPG conversion. The condition is fair to good for age, and she has done aprox 160k

pulling my hair out here, trying to make a decision, so any advice would be much apreciated..

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