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We have just had some work done on our T4 by Individual Campers in Westward Ho! and are very very happy with it. The guys are great and the work has a very professional finish.

More pics here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaughansphotos/sets/72157626873682225/with/6094597658/

It is an ex-Thames Water T4 TD blue I. Since we've had it we've removed the bulkhead, lowered it 40mm and had a conversion done by Individual. It was done in three stages due to time constraints -

stage 1 - clean out, insulate, ply line and electrics.
stage 2 - install bed from Smartbeds - it is an engineering masterpiece and VERY comfortable
stage 3 - cupboards, cubby holes, fridge and stove from Individual

We are well chuffed with it and since we use it most weekends for surfing - it has become our second home.

Next Projects - paint job, new seats, alloys (if I can agree this with the committee - seems like this is more of a 'man thing')

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Picked up my van today...to say i am happy is an understatement :D

Si and Jon are top lads who have pride in their work, cant keep the grin off my face Rasp:

Would definitely recommend them for your conversion needs.

Away for a few days next week to test it out H:

Will post pics when i have upholstered the bed.
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