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I am about to start deadening and lining my van, using Silent Coat 2mm deadening, before Dodo Thermo Liner 7mm. I am advised the Thermo Liner, is an alternative equivalent to say, using 10mm of glass wool.

I am brand new to this and have got a bit confused with researching and reading so many posts, about different approaches to using various combinations of layers and lining types. So am asking for help.

Can I please ask if it is recommended, that I use the 2mm deadening, followed by 7mm thermo liner, then just put the carpet lined ply panels directly on top of that? Or do I need to fill any void areas, being that the two types of deadening and insulation chosen, won't bulk out to meet the ply panel where there are recesses (single panel areas). I am not sure if I need to plug voids between ply and foil backed lining, with wadding/something absorbent or not.

Thanks in advance.

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I used sound deadening, then thermo liner then Dacron 35mm insulation (white loft insulation type stuff) too partially fill the cavities.
Panels on top of that.

If you do put the Dacron on, leave a inch or two gap at the bottom so it doesn't soak up any moisture that may collect at the foot of the panels.

The only place where it may be too bulky is on the tailgate as the cavities are not as deep.

That's not to say it's the right or wrong way. The thermoliner on its own is probably sufficient.

There are so many threads on this, with various opinions, choose what works for you and your budget.

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