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Hey guys, total noob here I know. I am trying to see if there is anything wrong with my slave cylinder. I have removed it today. But my question is. Should the green rubber boot be external or internal inside the cylinder?

What is the rubber boots purpose!?

It's from a vw t4 1996 (2litre petrol I think)

Looking online there are different types.

See pics below.

I am just curious which way it should be. When I actually took it out of my t4, the green rubber boot was OUT, not inside. Now I've pushed it inside the cylinder, I'm really not sure which is the right way.

Additional note: there is a tiny pin size hole in the green rubber boot, I know this because when I sealed it with my finger, fluid escaped out the side. I love in australia and have to get this rare part imported from another country. Is there anyway I could easily fix this pin size hole that's causing me all this trouble with leaking breaking fluid?

Here are two parts I can buy for the van.

One showing the rubber boot situated INSIDE the cylinder.. And one showing the rubber boot out side.. Which way is it?


Could someone please explain to me how a clutch slave cylinder works? Does the cylinder inject fluid into something, or it it simply a sealed unit? When I put my finger into the hole the needle goes into, it just seems to be a ball joint, no hole for fluid to run into!?

Many thanks in advance
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