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ok, something i've looked very deep into on here but don't seem to find any answers :/

this is mainly aimed for my t5.

Ok been doing some research for my to-do list so obviously windows is one of the first thing needed before lining and insulating my van.

So im thinking
1 static window on the passenger sliding side door
1 sliding window on the middle drivers side
and a pair of barn door glass.

I'm looking for all the glass to be "limo" tint so basically darkest possible.

I've found many people recommending different trades but when I look at another thread i find people either say the tint isn't dark enough to be "privacy" tint, they don't use VW glass, they don't use a seal and most of all the sliding windows leak.

so can anyone answer and show pics and prices it would help tremendously.
I hear good things about vandoc and euroglass but i'm looking for the following answers (might help others too)
I don't want to use tinting film just factory tinted dyed glass.

1) Anyone recommend anyone with whats stated above?

2) whats vandocs price? (looking for darkest tint) or another company's price and do they include the trim/seal

3) any sliding doors that don't leak lol

3) how much is fitting/callout if there is any as i'm looking for it to be done in the west midlands area.

4)with what ever company's recommended, whats the turn around for it to be done?

think that's about it
euroglass charge £505 in total with trim and fitting with very dark glass (which i'm after)A:
but read someones post saying there offical VW sliding window from euroglass on a t4 was leaking:*

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you will now get loads of replies about how cheap these windows can be supplied and/or fitted..

but few detailed pics and nothing more than "weve had no leaks reported" from all and sundry..

good look..
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