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Hi All.

It has just been brought to our attention by a guy looking to buy one of our beds from an Ebay listing 141576847723. He asked us to confirm that the bed in question was one of our Smart Beds. We took a look at the listing and informed the guy that it was in fact a poor copy of a Smart Bed Advertised as a Smart Bed.

Now I know we cant stop the art of copying but feel we should bring this to the attention of people who may be misled into buying the genuine article. Whether its a SmartBed or any other product for that matter.

We do not sell our beds on Ebay directly although we have seen genuine Smart Beds on Ebay from our trade customers.
Nothing wrong with Ebay, I have a garage full of wonderful stuff I've bought on Ebay.

If you are interested in a Smart Bed please contact us directly or one of our dealer who are listed on the dealer section of our web site.

Here is the listing number if you fancy a look. 141576847723

The seller has been been contacted and we are going to report this to Ebay.

Nuff said Thanks The Smart Bed Team.
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