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Smev 8322 for sale in good but not perfect order.

£160 posted and paypal or £140 collected from BN10 just east of Brighton

Up side:
- The water pump (cost £40 works well)
- Comes with around 2m of water hose to tap.
- Has electric ignition for the gas burners
- Comes with tap which works with the pump
- There is no damage to the gas inlet hose as it was connected to a flexible hose only not an olive joint.
- These rarely come up 2nd hand
- as in my Van for under 12 months and used as a cooker under 10 times. Washed my hands a lot with it though.

Down side
- Some minor scratching to the lid
- Some corrosion on the mount screws but these can be covered with plugs or the screws replaced.
- Some minor corrosion on one of the screws underneath onto the pipe but no damage this is detailed in the pictures the white stuff is just crud not damage.

The reason for the corrsion is my van is primary a surf van and has many wet suits in it etc

Final note I often have to work away from home for 4 days or so and as much as I am at home for the next 3 days after posting if I am away it may take me upto 4 days plus courier time to get them to you, I will let any one know though if this becomes the case.


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Yes please! T:

Would be more than happy to let you have 160 pounds for it if your happy to post to Cumbria. Not in a huge rush though so happy to wait a few days for you to post.


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