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Had some sweats this evening.

Spent all afternoon fitting new 6x9s into the back on the tailgate with an overly complicated structure. Had fun taking the A pillar cover off and poking wires around with a stick.

Decided to try and sort out the stereo memory problem at the same time. Swapped the red and yellow wires over, didn't seem to do much. PLugged both wires into the yellow socket, stereo work but came up with 'failure' on the LCD screen, then proceeded to work but without memory. Decided to just put it back as it was. Stopped working..tried ignition again..not working, then smoke started pouring out the dash :eek: nasty burning smell.

CLock and trip counter reset and no power to stereo. Had a look on here about possible causes. Someone mentioned hidden fuses under the slide off panel under the fuse box. had a look, but no fuses! Found a relay and some random wires with could explain the random switch on the dash that doesn't seem to do anything. Will have to investigate. Seem to be a lot of bit and bobs not plugged into anything - i hope these are supposed to be like this!

Took the stereo back out and stupidly had forgot to insulate the wires i had uncovered, i guess this must have shorted something and caused the smoke... Eventually found a fuse blown, replaced it and all working now i think.

Hoping that it was just the fuse that blew. Seemed like A LOT of smoke - is that normal for a fuse? Or shoud I have a proper look around to see if anything has melted?
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