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Hi everyone,

For the last few years, Brentacre have had a competition involving having quotes completed at car shows throughout the year.
All you had to do was complete a quote with us to be in with a chance of winning.

Well, The world has temporarily stopped spinning and all car and van shows and events are on hold for the foreseeable. (Nooooo I hear you cry)

But why should this mean that you guys miss out on the chance to win an awesome Snap-On toolbox?
It shouldn't, which is why we've decided to run the competition anyway.

All you have to do as a new customer is submit a quotation by calling us on 01792 650933 or submit a quote online and when we call you back, mention the toolbox.

If you're already a customer of ours then all you have to do is simply share our Facebook post here

Closing date 1st October 2020

Good luck to everyone and as always, we're on hand to answer any of your insurance questions.
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