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Hi all and a happy christmas to everyone.
About 5 weeks ago i left work drove no more than 500 yards and that sad sound clunk and stop,i did post on here that the cam belt had snaped,what it infact was the pump pully bolt had been lose,so the pump belt adjuster jamed,in turn snapped the camshaft and belt nice !!
So new camshaft
full set of followers
full set valves
bottom pully
new belts
new adjusters
new gaskets and it was running in a week,as she was apart i had a decat side exit system made,i had alredy fitted some 216 nozals a few weeks before,then 3 weeks ago i went to see Craig at Gotboost to have her mapped,she now has a happy but slightly laggy 148bhp and 189ft torque so its a diffrent van,power is a bit high at 2200rpm,but i may be a leak some where.
The only other thing is it will not start 1st time,it never has only the week after it had the rebuild did it start 1st time every time,now back to turn key let relay click,then do that a second time and it starts !!
It would be great to just sort the last few things out as the van is now coming on very nice,will post pictures of the build as soon as poss,the rebuild has set me back a bit,+ i have been trying to finish my rally car.
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