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So I often get asked, " what van do you own then Dan ? .

My honest answer, is I don't own one myself at the moment.

" So how can you be a "van enthusiast", if you don't own a van ". is usually the reply. :)
I have always been passionate about cars, vans etc and being a child of the 70's I was lucky to grow up watching things like The A-Team, The Fall Guy ( I still love the pick up truck from it ), Smokey and the Bandit, etc and I remember the cars and vans more than the stars of the show.

I joined the VW T4/T5 forum around 6 years ago and was the only broker to support T-fest which was run by the owners of the show.
This was something I really enjoyed and now we support around 14 shows a year and don't just support the big shows with high attendance levels.

This year, my adventures have taken me as far as Pembrokeshire and Cornwall to support VW shows and that is where I am an enthusiast. For me its not all about business and what we get from the shows, but joining in, being part of the scene and giving something back.

Also by renting vans and campers it gives me much better knowledge of the vans and campers and this is information I pass to the insurers to secure you guys the right insurance deal to cover your pride and joy.

In the past couple of years I have driven T4's, T5's,brand new T6's fully converted campers, and a Crafter.
The other thing is I also get to support others in the VW community. By renting and hiring their vans and campers, I support their business and this helps them grow. :)

You don't need to own something to be an enthusiast and we have big plans for 2018 and supporting more shows than ever.
All the best
01635 879910.

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