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I have recently fitted two flexible 80w panels to my sca roof, I hooked them to my regulator yesterday and connected a battery to test it all,
The panels output a fairly consistent 20v fluctuating slightly and slowly but the output from the regulator to the battery was jumping around from 13-15v very quickly I assume this is ok/normal?

I am concerned it will damage the batteries due to the fluctuation.
Any advise much appreciated

this is the regulator specs -

Parameters CQ1220

Rated Voltage(VDC) 12

Rated Current(A) 20

Max. input Voltage(V) 25

Over-Charge (V) Protection 14.4 ±0.1

Resume 13.3 ±0.1

Over-Discharge(V) Cut-off 11.1 ±0.1

Resume 13.2 ±0.1

Over-Loaded Cut-off 16.5

Resume 15.0

Voltage Drop(V) Between input and batteries 0.3

Between batteries and load <5

No Load Current Draw(mA) <10

Ambient Temperature

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It is unusual to see such a great variation unless you were being swept over by clouds. What state of charge was the battery in?
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