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Ian, Dave at Vanworx here, sorry for not tying down a date with you. I have just got back from holiday. We have taken a lot of kombi bookings since i have been away so this may have been an oversight.

We fit for VW Van Centres and Easyjet so we fit to the highest standards and try to be as price competitive as possible. We fit new T5 seats with Reimo reinforcement plates for the seatbelts. We also fit to the exact VW dimensions and reinforce again under the chassis. We always have new and used seats in available to fit and can fit whilst you wait with a free lift and collect from Weymouth.

I'm pretty sure there is a post or review of the T5 centre on here or might be on Google and is probably worth a read.

I'll be in touch Dave
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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