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Hi Guys,

I really need help asap, i have a very big concern!!! (I know its a T4 and i have posted on the T5 section also, but i am very concerned, and i know alot of T5 owners have owned T4's in the past)

Had a call 3 weeks ago from my insurance company stating that another brooker has the same Van insured with them, the insurance company asked if i still owned the vehicle, which i do, and they said it may be the previous owners policy just automatically renewing the old policy and not too worry..

At the time the van was not with me, it was having a full conversion, so the first thing i did, was to go and see the van, do a few checks, obviously check the VIN / Chassis number..

I have also checked the previous MOT's on the direct.Gov website, now this is the concern, it appears that the mileage does not match the previous MOT's, i can live with the van been clocked as the engine is what the engine is.., and the previous owner may have clocked it to get a better sale.. (DICK)

On the previous MOT's, the old owner carried out the MOT every year from 2007 in June up until this year when the MOT was done in April for the sale of the van, now if there were two vans shorley the new MOT on the other van would have been carried out in June this year as per usual? - Checking the direct.Gov website, there has only been this MOT this year which was mine in April..

The Chassis number differs slightly from the Log book, the one on the van starts with WV1ZZZ Etc, and the log book says WV2ZZZ etc.. i rang up VW and checked my REG against the chassis number stamped on the van, all was correct, the matched.. The chassis number matched the REG Plate, from there i went straight to the DVLA with my log book and a picture of the chassis number, singed a couple of forms etc, since then i have not had any reply off the Insurance company or the DVLA until today..

The insurance company have once again stated that the VAN is insured twice and that the previous owners brought the van inn 2011, this matches my log book, the previous owner brought the van on 16.08.2011, and i brought the van 11.05.2012, with the call been so late in the day, i cannot go to the DVLA to clear this up until the afternoon..

In my possesion i have the current MOT cert, The V5C/2 Section of the old log book when brought, and half of my new log book, as the rest is with the DVLA, along with that i also had the Tax reminder from June this year, and was able to tax it no problem..

Now i know people are going to ask did you do any checks when you brought the vehicle, and the answer is yes, i did a HPI and history check etc, with My Car Check, and every thing matched the log book, and it all came back clear..

Also i know you are going to ask why did i buy a T4 with no history!! The answer is, i am a mechanic by trade, and history does not concern me, as i see vehicles with 500,000 miles on the clock etc, and the general body work and engine were ok, the Van was Taxed had a full MOT and came back clear on the check..

The van is a 800 Special TD SWB 1998 R plate.. (I know looking at previous threads there have been issues with incorrect chassis numbers, this is a VW error)

Guys and gals any suggestions, or previous experience of this happening as i am now really concerned as the Van now owes me £9.5k after the conversion etc, and cannot afford to loose that amount of money..


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