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So, when my trusty 131k mile T4 went POP! last year (that was an overheating event followed rapidly by thick black engine oil spewing out of the coolant bottle) I thought right old girl, I'm not binning you, I'm fixing you.

Quickly Diagnosed as head gasket issue once the head was off, that's where I agreed to spend all the money for a tip top job.

I spent £1,100 on parts and labour and the list of stuff went something like this:

New (not recon) AAB cylinder head
New camshaft
New cambelt
New auxiliary belts
New Radiator
New Temp sender
New Glow plugs
plus other bits and bobs.

So, within 100 miles, it went wrong in exactly the same way. :eek::blg

at least it had the courtesy to do it as I pulled up at home.

What that means, and this is only my best guess, is that there is either a cracked block or something else that is causing the overheat the mixture of oil into coolant and the resulting problem.

I went back to it after leaving it for 2 weeks just to see if it turned over, and the thing started on the button (and better than my new one... :confused: )

I hold great hope that the brevity of the second POP! may not have caused damage to the new head, but without pulling it apart, I'll never know.

I bought another T4 (15 days newer, same model but with electric windows) and apart from a set of brake light bulbs, I haven't yet robbed this one blind.

So, it's a 1994, white, well used but solid, it has generally much more solid bodywork than most in terms of being rust free, but it is dinged and dented after a life of use. The interior is similar to the exterior - used and showing it.

It currently wears Audi A3 15" alloys, but most likely they'll be coming off and a set of original T4 steels going back on, which will be wearing tyres suitable for rolling and not much else.

Windscreen is cracked, glow plug relay has been bypassed with a manual switch after it refused to play ball one winter.

It was MoT'd until Feb, and previously has gone through the MoT easily. It did get an advisory on new front shocks at the last one, and when up on the ramps for the engine work 7 months later I was advised they were "hanging"

So, it's a classic spares or repair van - it could with the application of the right knowledge and time be put back on the road, or more likely, simply be robbed for parts - some of the most expensive of which are substantially brand new.

The vehicle will need to be collected on a trailer, and it is located within 2 miles of Jct 13 on the M1 (Bedford/Milton Keynes/Woburn)

I'm not daft enough to think I'll get anything like the money back I spent on it, so £650 takes it away, although I will listen to higher offers.... :)


Paul - 07917518993
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