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Hi All,

I want to announce the launch of my brand-new Website:

And my on-line Store:

The store really replaces my existing eBay shop with better prices and discount deals, plus loyalty reward points that are earned on every purchase and can be stored and racked up for future buys or used as payment (full or part) for your next order.
Once registered, if you contact me on the store to inform me you are a Forum Member (Subscribed OR Free - doesn't matter) then I will add you to the Forum Customer Group and that will rack up your Reward Points twice as fast as well!
*<:)> (it may be just April, but it feels like Christmas!)

I am also very pleased to announce a really great extra launch deal for the first 50 customers from the Forum :D

Register an account on the Store, choose your products from our great selection (with more to come as I continue to build the shop) and use the Coupon Code "LAUNCHVWT4" to get an extra 10% off EVERY product in store. A:

Standard Shipping is FREE within the UK and I do also send items to Europe and Worldwide (same as my eBay shop, where I have customers all over Europe, including Finland and Iceland, as well as sending goods as far afield as New Zealand and Australia!)

Remember, The 10% Discount Offer IS limited to the first 50 customers that check-out, and is also a one-off usage code, so for best value, get everything in the first basket :cool:

Finally, Payment is via Paypal. Your details are totally safe as I have an SSL Certificate (check out the green padlock) on the sites and any Paypal info is recorded and applied via the Paypal service and not by the store - I just receive payment confirmation.

Have fun shopping and get those bits and pieces you need for your conversion!

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I wish you the very best of luck with your new venture David, you will no doubt succeed as you already have the recipe for running a successful business, judging by the popularity of your eBay shop T: Your website is absolutely superb, well laid-out and so easy to navigate A:

Now I know where to come when I finnaly get round to installing my solar panels! Soon to be a regular customer of yours hopefully :D

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