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Have the common T4 temp, fuel gauge, and clock issue. Bought a new VSR (only bcos VW said so?) and intend on re-soldering the dry joints. I also have another set of clocks I got cheap but with an issue with just the temp and fuel gauge, though this has white faces and was going to merge the two sets to get atleast one working, btw these are from a 1.9d 1995, analogue.

Just got stuck in with stripping them down though the only problem was I stripped the fuel/temp gauge a little too much, took the needles off and the face, and was left with the little bits of plastic that the needle sits on floating about within the gauge!


This look right? Dont want the hassle of rebuilding into van to find out if cured the error with dry solder/vsr but then broke the dial! LOL:
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