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Right guys, i got some 19" a6 alloys which i believe are the s-line type. I was told from the guy i got the wheels from that i would need to get some spigot rings after he offered one up to one of the rear hubs to check for clearance. i ordered some 66.6 to 57.1 off ebay after some advice from the seller and they were massive, didnt even fit in the wheel. anyway.......

having had my van lowered on the CMC coilover kit (which i think is pretty darn good) i took the van to tyre web to get 4 wheel alignment done. i mentioned that i will need some spigot rings on the advice of my mate and they told me after checking the front wheels they should be a direct fit. With the power of google i found out that all audi hubs are the same as the t4 so they should be a direct fit. right? my mate must have been wrong?

Today i took the van back to tyre web (they busted an adjuster dial on one of the shocks so had to replace) and the guys this time told me there was play on the rear, suggesting the rear hubs were a different size to the front?:*? i asked him to double check the fronts and he said they were indeed a direct fit.

Has any one heard anything like this before? can the rear hubs wear down at all?:*

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