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After hitting a mahoosiff pothole (full of mud and disguised as road) earlier today, I was rewarded with a rather large noisy squeak when turning the steering wheel and when getting in and out of the passenger door.
After the blue air cleared I came onto this site to see if any other peeps had encountered the same.
The post I read was 10yrs old and told me that it could be just a dry(or mucky) ball joints, so off to my garage I went, armed with deminishing funds and with a bit of twanging the rubbers around said joints(top and bottom) and a bit of wet and slippy added by my friendly mechanic he said I was good to go.
Well the relief was overwelming when I took it back home with no more squeaks on the way and I still have beer tokens left:cool:.
This site is a boon to all VW owners keep up the good work peeps(y)
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