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Hi all,

I am pretty new to the forum, just started my conversion of a 2008 T5 SWB T30 Shuttle.....I am quite new to this, so please bear with me if I am not 100% sure on some of the details below. The van currently has 16" alloys (215/65/R16 Tyres)

I have just had the van lowered with an Eibach Raceline Pro Kit (so roughly 50mm lower). I am just waiting for the caravelle bumper and sportily splitter etc to arrive.....

So the next thing is wheels and tyres, I think I have decided on RIVA DTM 20" wheels. I am now deciding whether I should go with 9J all round or whether I should go with the staggered 9J front and 10J rears.

I like the staggered look, but it looks to be quite a minefield for tyres.....could I achieve a similar look with spacers? I have gone round and round in circles reading various threads and various problems:

- Tyre profile and UK roads
- Sliding door opening issues
- Poke issues for MOT's
- Rubbing
- Load rating for the tyre
- Engine management and ABS issues
- Gearing

I feel like my head is going to burst. Maybe I should stick to the 9J all round with tyres that will give me close to the current set up to prevent any issues and just live with the aesthetics?

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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