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For ages I have had intermittent problems with my starter motor on my 1995 2.4D Caravelle. Have fixed it with before by wire brushing and cleaning the power connections. Have also changed the ignition switch a while ago.
Now it won't start at all even thought the battery is good and there is power at the starter and all the dash lights come on. When I turn the key the small switching wire to the solenoid powers up although I seem to be loosing 1V somewhere and only 11.5V get to the solenoid. Will this cause a problem. How much voltage is needed. When testing a Mazda yesterday the solenoid seemed to be switching even though it only had 9V at the battery.
I short circuited the connection to the solenoid direct to the starter motor power lead and it switched and tured over briefly but did not sound great. Then I stupidly did it again with the ignition on and seemed to have blown a fuse or something. Not what I need. Help!
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