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Hi all - I just got my first VW T5 so I am a complete novice and have a problem.

When I put the key in and turn it all the lights come on, some go off, there is a long continuous beep and then when I try to start it there is nothing. No response at all, not even a stutter or anything from the engine. The glow plug lights and goes out as normal. I have tried starting it with a jump starter battery pack and the same happens. It is as if it is immobilised but without any start at all. There is a light that remains on, it is an anti clockwise arrow with a ! inside. The airbag and battery light also remain on.

The only thing that I did differently after my last drive was put the steering lock on. It is a 2004 T5 1.9TDI.

Any help would be much appreciated - I have searched and searched but can not find an answer!

Best wishes
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