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Loaded with excitement of receiving my new Porsche steering wheel as seen on a couple of other vans, and with my newly aquired VW steering wheel spline adapter.....

I went out to fit it...


The steering wheel doesn't fit the spline adapter (or the van, I did check!)

I guess I wrongly assumed that the Porsche spline was the same having seen so many other Porsche rims on T4's.

I checked to see if I had the correct spline adapter - part number 191 419 514 and it is indeed correct as it fits the van and adapts to my Mk4 Golf GTi steering wheel no problem, but not the 911/924/928 rim.

:( :confused:

The Porsche splines are smaller and fewer/cor than the larger of the VW ones, but still bigger than the T4 (2001).

THe porsche splines are 21mm and the adapter is 26mm.

Any clues how I get this to fit?

Is there a different adapter to mate 17mm - 21mm?


EDIT: Pics for reference...

21mm spline on Porsche wheel

Spline adapter....

Doesn't fit....

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