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Hi everyone, just registered.

I have just bought my first ever van, a Crafter 109 MWB high top, I plan to convert it into a camper. The van is 2013 and has 79,000 miles on it. It seems to be in great condition and drives well except for one thing, that being the gear change is like stirring coal (the Jeremy Clarkson quote describes it pretty well). I am clueless about mechanics so was hoping someone here might have a good idea what it is or what ill need to do to fix it. The lower the gear the worse it is i.e. 1st to 2nd and back is bad. 5-6 not so much.

I didn't really notice it when I test drove it. Also having no van experience didn't help, but after having had it for a week or so now it really is unpleasant to drive. I had a go in a 2015 Crafter yesterday and the gear change was way better - tight and smooth.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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